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Our host families have the safety and well-being of our volunteers in Uganda as their priority and demonstrate this with caution and care. In most host family situations, volunteers will share a room with another volunteer of the same gender. Another viable option is an at-orphanage stay. Wherever you stay, you will have comfortable room, western style toilet, running water, electricity, and safe accommodation. Most volunteer projects in Uganda are located within km of our host family accommodations so you may walk or ride a local bus to your project.

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In the evening, when you return to home base, you can relax, eat dinner, explore the local area or simply share your experiences with other volunteers. Typically, our volunteers in Uganda eat breakfast and dinner with the host family and have lunch at their project location. We offer fresh, nutritious and safe local foods to our volunteers to eat.

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We also work extremely hard to maintain our facilities in good condition. Read more about our accommodation and meals in Uganda. You will be v olunteering around hours a day at your project, making a huge difference and helping others in need. After all that hard work, you deserve some down time as well as the chance to get out and explore all the amazing things Uganda has to offer!

You will have free time from your Uganda volunteer abroad project during evenings, weekends.

Available Volunteer Programs in Uganda

While IFRE does not arrange activities during this time off, our local staff members and coordinators can provide priceless assistance in making appropriate arrangements for travel in Uganda. This will be a great opportunity for self-discovery and learning.

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Uganda has an amazing array of wildlife, numerous safaris, fascinating landscapes, colorful customs, gorgeous beaches, historic castles, and much more. You can also go for a hike through the local villages and countryside, which will be the perfect backdrop for an authentic cultural experience. Take this opportunity to see and explore as much of Africa as you can!

Learn more about some of the exciting places to visit while volunteering in Uganda. We offer pre-trip support, reliable and comprehensive travel insurance, airport pick-up, and availability guidance and support by an experienced in-country staff that is right there on the ground to help you every step of the way. As soon as you arrive in Uganda, you will have the support of an experienced team of in-country field staff.

The team is comprised of mature, educated, socially respected individuals who are dedicated humanitarians highly experienced in working with international volunteers. Your main point of contact will be the in-country coordinator.

Ugandan Australians

They will select your project placement, make all the arrangements for your airport transfer, accommodations, and food, give you an orientation which covers culture, safety, and your service work, introduce you to your host family and project staff, and make periodic visits and calls to check up on your progress.

You can reach out to the coordinator at any time with any questions, issues, or to ask for advice and they will be happy to assist you. The choice to volunteer in Uganda is noble and rewarding, but it is not without its challenges. There is a lot to do to prepare, and you probably have a long list of questions you are curious about. We have put together a list of questions volunteers often ask to help guide you on your path to volunteering abroad. Reach out to IFRE and we are happy to address any and all concerns you might have.

You should fly to Entebbe International Airport. Yes, we organize airport pick-up for our volunteers. You just need to provide our staff with your flight details and then meet up with them at the airport so that they can drop you off at your hotel prior to the start of your volunteer placement. There's no need to worry about that. If you miss the scheduled flight and your arrival is delayed, adjustments will be made accordingly. You will be provided with our contact information in your placement packet, so please contact us as soon as possible so that we can arrange for a new pick-up time.

At all times, we make sure that your Uganda Volunteer project goes smoothly. Our local representative will be waiting for you at the airport arrival terminal carrying a white signboard with your name written on it.

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You can also call them if for some reason you do not see them waiting for you, as their contact details will be provided to you before your flight to Uganda. If my volunteer work begins on Monday, when should I arrive? If I want to arrive earlier than the day when my assignment begins, where do I stay and who will organize the accommodations? It is always advisable to arrive early, if possible. We suggest you arrive one day prior to the beginning of the program. As all our volunteer work in Uganda programs start on Monday, you can arrive on Sunday and rest for the day and then begin the project the next day in a better physical and mental shape.

However, you will have to pay extra for your accommodation and food if you decide to arrive earlier, so you should budget for this ahead of time. Let our in-country coordinator know your plans, and if you need assistance in making the arrangements they can help. For your Uganda volunteer trip, you will need your passport, visa, a couple of photos, credit cards, some cash, flight tickets, comfortable clothing and shoes, toiletries, medicines, a first aid kit, sanitary towels, deodorant, insect repellent, mobile phones, laptops, adapter, chargers and a travel insurance.

You will need to have met with your doctor and received the required vaccinations. You will need to apply for your visa, and also to obtain reliable travel insurance. Do your research ahead of time and let IFRE know if you have any questions or need assistance. Our Uganda projects are all located in suburb areas of Kampala, which is the capital city of Uganda. Kampala is a city of ferocious contrasts and enchanting landscapes.

It is surrounded by tropical green forests. Yes, it is possible for our international volunteers in Uganda to extend their stay. We can also assist our volunteers in finding other volunteering projects to join during their extended stay in Uganda. All of our volunteer in Uganda opportunities and projects are designed flexibly to adjust to a variety of changes. This gives you enough free time to go out and explore after your volunteer work and during the weekends. Our in-country coordinator supports and supervises you throughout your stay in Uganda. Likewise, our local staff will also stay in contact with you, either with timely field visits or via email or telephone.

You can expect our field staff to visit you every two to four weeks to make sure that all things are going as smoothly as planned. Yes, our participants can change their programs if they find themselves experiencing any kind of discomfort or difficulty. You should contact your in-country coordinator to discuss this possibility. However, we do make sure that all our volunteers have a pleasant volunteering experience in Uganda, and it is quite rare for our volunteers to be unsatisfied with their initial projects. Transfer to a new project will be based on availability.

Life in Kampala: a Study Abroad Experience

Yes, you can work in more than one volunteer project at a time, so long as the two you are interested in are within close proximity to one another. You simply need to get in touch with our country coordinator to begin the application process for your participation in additional volunteer programs. Keep in mind that each of our volunteer in Uganda programs requires you to work for four to five hours daily,at the very least. Therefore, it can be difficult for volunteers to complete all their volunteer duties and responsibilities if they participate in more than one volunteer project at a time.

A more manageable option might be to split your time in Uganda in half, volunteering at one project for the first part of your stay and transferring to another project for the second half of your journey. A variety of people from different age groups have participated in our volunteering trips abroad in Uganda. The minimum age for the participation is Minors can also volunteer alongside their families. All of our programs are extensively managed by our in-country coordinator from the start to end.

You will receive unwavering and reliable support from them throughout your volunteer trip.

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IFRE does provide training for you before the start of any of their programs. The nature of the training will depend upon the difficulty and nature of the volunteer project itself. You will receive proper training and guidance in an orientation class run by our country coordinator and local staff after reaching Uganda. No, there is no dress code for any of our volunteer projects in Uganda.

You are free to wear clothing of your choice without any restrictions. However, we do advise our international volunteers to wear modest and decent clothing, and to be respectful of the culture they are visiting.

cospopyboo.gq Payments made by volunteers for the participation in our programs help support the operating and managerial cost of our organization. We are a non-profit volunteer organization. Therefore, the fees paid by youare essential to pay the salary of our staff, advertisement, utility, and rent bills.

Furthermore, the field supervision, food and accommodation are covered by our Uganda program fees , as is a donation directly to the project you are traveling so far to support.