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There are warm and funny recollections from fans about the famous Merseyside cup finals, about a rivalry which is often characterised as being sibling or affectionate rather than warring and spiteful. If the film could be accused of putting forward a somewhat uncritical or sentimental view of Merseyside, then Liverpool people might very well argue that it is merely one drop versus a tide of negativity, snobbery and spite that has flowed the other way.

Football, for its faults, does remain some sort of uniting force; perhaps sporting glory will return to Liverpool or Everton one day soon. It will be fascinating indeed to see what stories those who love those clubs, and that city, tell themselves about it all this time around. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Sport Football. We've noticed you're adblocking.

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Favorite track: Impala Roundabout. Rebel Up SebCat. Tempting though it is to say the album as a whole is just 'Some Music', I will refrain from such facetiousness, and hope, rather, that the other tracks grow on me.

Bongos do sound nice through my B and O speakers, and there's plenty of that. There's a fair amount of clickety click, too, and synth noises. Makes me feel all digital, innit? And, mind you, we all probably soon will be; little terminators; or rather cyborgs. As who wants to faff about with record decks, or even mobile phones, when a simple chip in the ear will save you all that?

I'm hoping for a Wiki Chip myself so I can know everything in the world there is to know without doing a lick. Seriously, it's growing on me. Except for some of the more repetitive -tive-tive-tive! Boom-boom -boom-boom music, as my dear mother rightly calls it. Maybe if I was twenty something and brainlessly wanting to show off the size of my car engine, I'd like it more.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes - 2006 video

There are just some musical styles you couldn't indoctrinate me into Hip-hop, Reggae, Death Metal They tried indoctrination at my uni with Postmodernism etc; teaching us how to trash the world's great books with our neo-Puritan red pens, but when I left The Programme, I started to think for myself again.

For me to like a mix at all, it has to be a good marriage between mixer and original artist, not simply a matter of slapping on the aforementioned mind-numbing boom-bass and all the other digital trickery. Which is why I do so love the Gyedu Blay Ambolley track. There, he floats on the wonders of technology, not simply drowns in it - wow! Parole Emil! Buck Rooster.

Frederik Tegethoff. Christian Baehr. Darren Morgan. Adam Downey. HAPE Collective. Ralf Bitter. Diego Lelli.

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  • James Locksmith. Monica Renee. George Costin Staicu. Roman Trelcovic.

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    Agawgi Joseph. David Edelsztein. Lorenz Ritter. Brent Hickman. Jason Boardman. Jaumo [Mister T. R Deschamps. DrBob Jones. Rob Murphy. Rob Richardson. Simon Keary. Luke Arnold. Antony Meijer.

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    Snowy Owl. Purchasable with gift card. Trio Toffa — Titon To C1. The Sorcerers — The Horror C2. Selma Uamusse — Mozambique Exclusive C4. David Hanke — Impala Roundabout D1.