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Far side of the Moon

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The Other Side of the Moon

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Smithsonian Channel. Video Contest. The South Pole-Aitken basin contains within it a smaller area called the Schrodinger basin, which is one of the best preserved impact basins of its size. It offers a wide diversity of geologic exposures, making it a prime spot for scientific exploration. Subsequent missions have improved our understanding of the land features here. In , the astronauts aboard the Apollo 8 mission, while orbiting around the far side, became the first to lay human eyes directly on it.

They were also the ones to capture the iconic Earthrise photograph, in which the Earth is seen rising above the moon, shining blue in a sea of darkness. It sent back data that showed the phases of the moon.

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Side of the moon you can't see 'is not dark, it's just far'

When we see a waning moon, the far side displays an almost full moon. This experiment will carry seeds from potatoes, mustard, and a cabbage-like vegetable called Arabidopsis. The biosphere contains water, air, and nutrients that will help these seeds to germinate, as well as a camera to watch the progress. Show me the weather in Recently searched.

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