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He gives Chip the money for his share of Lithuania and drops Chip at the airport, only to find that it has been shut down. Afterwards Chip walks 15 kilometers alone to the border, where he gets on a plane and makes it to St. Jude on Christmas. Gary had arrived in St. When Chip shows up on Christmas morning, an hour before Gary has to leave for his flight home, everyone but Enid is shocked.

Later, Alfred is seen in the midst of another vivid hallucination, this time believing that he is in a prison yard and other inmates are trying to kill him. He is snapped out of it by Chip, revealing that the inmate he was terrified of is actually his nurse, and he is in a nursing home. Alfred is eventually transferred to a permanent nursing home, where two years later he dies after refusing to eat.

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His family appears more relieved than sad, with Chip living in Chicago with a new wife and kids, Enid visiting Denise in NYC, and Gary no longer fighting as much with Caroline. The Corrections study guide contains a biography of Jonathan Franzen, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. The Corrections essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.

Remember me. Of course, it is impossible to talk about "The Corrections" without noting the dustup that occurred when Oprah Winfrey selected the novel for her book club. After Franzen made some ungracious remarks about being in the company of her past "schmaltzy" selections, he was labeled elitist, and she withdrew the invitation. Even this controversy now feels prophetic, as a strain of anti-intellectualism has become prevalent in the national conversation, as exemplified by Bush's avowed suspicion of "fancy talk. The plot of Money is a Nabokovian conceit in which Self winds up the loser through failing to recognize the game.

You can do what the hell you like to him, really. This creates an appetite for punishment.

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The author is not free of sadistic impulses. Even that business about which he is most serious — the scrupulous, almost paranoiac abstention from banality at the level of the sentence — is a form of play. So for all its contextual aberrance, this strange and disreputable book actually makes a certain kind of warped sense.

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How do you give someone time to read? It might be as simple as giving permission. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. I mean, did you read it? I kinda saw this coming. And here it is. Probably my favorite book of the decade. As for Mr. Too recent? So not! No way. On the other hand, it is silly, as Lydia mentions, to assign merit numerically. Compelling—and I was glad to be a part of it—but I need to remember that part too. Keep in mind that this 1 slot goes to the book with the most votes. Everyone picked their 5 favorites, in no particular order. This just means that the most people had The Corrections on their list.

You made the right choice. There has been a backlash against the book, really more against Franzen personally than the novel itself. But the novel itself is just simply remarkable and deserves its place at the top of your list. Considering said backlash, a brave choice. This was the first book that I remember being excited about in advance. A storm is an apt metaphor, I suppose. Attached was a note from the sales rep.

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It was the alarm bell of anxiety. No one with taste above the level of a high-school poetry class could continue reading past these two sentences.

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The Corrections is crap. Well, yes it was hyped, but think back to when it came out. It was published on September 1, Despite the competition for my attention from real world events, I finished it. Strange to say, when fall rolls around I tend to pick up and re-read Moby Dick, if only a few chapters. This is an excellent novel and a worthy pick. Works like The Corrections make me stand up and cheer for the future of literature.

Good choice.