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We encourage you to learn more about each volunteer role — information provided below. We look forward to working with you. Parents or family members with a child or young adult who has a special health care need or disability are uniquely suited to helping others who have a child with similar needs and are new to this journey.

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Parent Mentors provide emotional support, information, and guidance to fellow parents to help them better care for their children and themselves. Time commitments vary and mentoring is usually done over the phone or via email. You can decide when and how often you would like to be matched with another parent who needs help. A training is provided to improve your helping skills, teach active listening, and provide extensive information on local resources. Parents with a child with special health care needs or disabilities are essential to the success of our MEd.

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Program, which trains pediatric and family practice residents. These parents serve as Family Faculty to help the residents better understand how complex treatment regimens play out for a family. The goal of the program is to give medical professionals a comprehensive understanding of life for a family of a child with chronic illness or disability, and to teach them the skills they need to work in partnership with the family to provide high quality care. This program matches parents with a trained peer parent mentor who has experienced a similar journey and can quickly help them connect with needed resources and services.

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TxP2P Advocacy Network volunteers will learn more about advocacy with local and state agencies and with the legislature. We take an issue you want to see changed and guide you in the process of requesting those changes. The stories tell how parents of children with cerebral palsy, juvenile diabetes, autism, mental retardation and other life-changing illnesses or injuries mourned for the child of their dreams. However, the stories also tell how they found an unexpected joy in helping their children discover new dreams.

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This book serves as a reality check, teaching the importance of turning to others in times of need, learning to let go and dealing with disappointment. This book truly provides a sneak peek behind the mask of strength that parents of children with special needs always seem to wear.

When both their children, Zeke and Anna, were diagnosed with special needs, parents Andrew and Rachel Wilson learned to live a life they never expected. The book is raw, honest and real in its portrayals of the daily challenges parents of children with special needs face.

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The fight for joy and acceptance is surreal and very relatable. This book tackles the question of how siblings are affected when there is a special needs child in the family. Having grown up with a sister with cerebral palsy herself, counselor and health educator Kate Strohm discusses the challenges siblings of disabled children face and how often these challenges are overlooked. Abled siblings often struggle with different emotions, including feelings of isolation, grief and anxiety, which can have long-lasting effects.

In compassionate and insightful ways, Strohm explores these secrets feelings and provides coping methods to help work out unhealthy emotions. She provides her takes on different issues based off of her own experiences as well as those of other siblings of children with special needs.

While this book does focus on typical developmental milestones, it proves to be helpful to parents raising children with special needs as it shows in what ways a child is attaining milestones at around the right time.

For example, these milestones can be verbal if a child has physical disabilities or vice versa. The book recognizes that development not only progresses but also regresses at certain times. While touchpoints are supposed to be universal, Brazelton and Sparrow stress that they are not always applicable to everyone.

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  8. The second part of the book discusses different development challenges such as allergies and asthma, developmental delays hypersensitivity, speech, language and hearing problems. It also provides information about other issues as well, such as divorce and the influences of television. The book effectively reminds readers that each child is their own individual person and not simply a symptom disorder or disease. You can also get Touchpoints Three to Six here. This book focuses more on the concerns that rise as a child with special needs grows into an adult with special needs.

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    It deals with different forms of planning, providing a lot of insight when it comes financial and legal planning especially. He discusses how parents should be fair in helping all their children financially but also acknowledges the burdens placed to siblings of children with financial needs.

    watch There is also a greater emphasis on the needs of pre-school and school-age children than for adults. While financial and legal planning is important, emphasis also needs to be placed on actual caring issues as well when it comes to your adult child with special needs. While legal documents are very important, they may not prepare caregivers, nominated representatives or others to understand someone who may not be able to communicate his needs directly.

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    She stresses that social connections are excruciatingly important, especially if parents are not able to provide some of their time and attention, if any at all. This book illustrates characteristics that are helpful in shedding light on, although not defining, children with autism. With her inspirational words and iridescent humor, author Ellen Notbohm takes her experiences as a mom of boy with autism and ADHD and turns them into a guidebook that tackles parenting questions from early childhood to early adulthood.

    She provides the basic guidelines necessary to help parents reach their goals in a relatable and endearing manner. Notbohm also reminds parents that their goal must be to provide their children with the necessary skills to move on to a happy, independent and productive adulthood. These books can help serve as a guide for when it comes to parenting a child with special needs.

    While the techniques and experiences these books share can be helpful, it is important to remember that every child is different. Methods that help some may not apply to everyone. At the end of the day, it is up to you to find out what works best when it comes to helping your child. Parenting is tough, but very much possible. At Achievement Center of Texas , we are here to help you on your parenting journey as well. We want to help individuals with special needs reach a level of independence where they can achieve their aspirations.

    Individuals with special needs have a lot to share with world. We believe they should be provided the resources and opportunities to grow. Free from any sort of prejudice as they are a gift to the world. If you are a parent of a child with special needs and need some support, please enroll with us at the Achievement Center of Texas. At the Achievement Center of Texas, we are here to cater to the unique needs of children and adults with special needs and to equip them with the independence and creativity to stand up for themselves.

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