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Result- I was told what i had to cook before even asking, and could plan better and i now get more time for myself. I am implementing these in my day to day life by starting to plan the week with important things first. I am doing and managing them. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a powerful sermon in these times of complex and ever changing world. Covey through his book provides the foundations for a strong character. The strong character leads to Effective Habits. The tools suggested in the 7 Habits courses are effective and if practiced can be life changing.

The Habits are not new to us, but put in the perspective and in a logical manner the habits force us to question ourselves, the way we have been managing our lives. One of the task that was agreed by my team member was not completed as per the timeline.

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Hence there was an escalation. When I received the escalation email and I was not aware of the commitment that was made by my team member. I lost all controls, First conversation with the team member was completely in a lose-lose conversation where both trying to justify the answers at our end. I went back read through the material that was given in the training session. Again had other conversation in a listening , listened patiently all the answers and questioned the team member in a different way it was more on an empathetic listening and conversation.

Finally we planned the activity with other team members we involved the team members who are best in executing that particular task. Informed back the stakeholder the revised timeline with an apology. Together we were able to complete the task well before the timeline. I think Synergize helped us. While practicing the below habit I really understood, how important it to Begin with the end in mind. I will try to explain how it helped me during my Block leave. I went on my block leave i. Eventually as part of training schedule we need to practice the 2 nd habit during that week.

During my block leave as part of planning on the first day I listed down all the personal work that I want to complete during this 10 days of leave. It took almost two to three hour to decide all that I wanted to do. All together I decide 8 things which I wanted to complete. As I wanted to leave and experience the learning, I kept motivating myself to accomplish all that I planned to do. When I pushed myself to complete 3 task, I saw a complete different approach in me for rest of the planned work, I was self motivated, full of eagerness and energy to complete all the task. Towards end of my block leave when I was reassign that how I utilized my time, I realized that I have completed few personal work which was pending for more than a year.

I enjoyed the session and though everything shared in the session was a take away, still below are the three critical things that I would like to absorb from the session. Just wanted to drop this short note to update you that our 4DX journey at Rockwell Automation India has formally taken off this week.

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This was followed by the Manager certification workshop. I am expecting this initiative to make a huge impact on our ability to drive better performance — and I look forward to staying connected with you. It seems that the application of these seven habits in life is a real transformation towards achieving a happy life. We cannot change the circumstances but our reactions to various situations determine our happiness in life and the realization of our goals.

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I feel that after learning these seven habits, I am making conscious efforts to realize my goals. I have stopped bothering about unimportant things that do not assist in the realization of my goals. Some of these habits have become part of my life whereas some still require my special attention. This week I will focus on it and would see its implications towards the achievement of my goals. I really feel very fortunate to attend this program as all the seven habits had been a complete eye-opener for me. It was great and awakening experience of this workshop.

So many things are learnt by me from this workshop.

There is always a choice. My selection is only the factor which gives us happiness or sadness. My happiness depends upon others happiness. So always I should give joy to others. At the end it will ultimately come to me. The content was apt and thought provoking at times including one of the most inspiring videos of great men. I will also like to take this opportunity to say thanks for the effort and commitment of your to push us to live this habit to be a better and effective person.

Honestly this is the first time I have attended a good quality work shop which is useful to both personal and professional life 1. By this I could able to view other side and we called the vendor for a one to one discussion and could able to close the contract with the minimum changes. This really helps to understand others perspective. Sharpen the saw: I could able to understand the learning has got no age limitation and it gave me a great opportunity to take care of my health.

By this I have started doing walking exercise atleast 40 minutes per day and minimum 6 days in a week. I have chosen my wife as partner to monitor the consistency. Thanks for the training session. One of the best training session I attended in whole of my career. Proactive language instead of reactive language.

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That will definitely lead me to the win-win situations. Overall it was very enriching and eye opening session to me personally. More interested to get in to detail. Clarify purpose: This is to be done by focusing on customer needs. Unleash talent: Focus on people development to bring in overall independency in operation.


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Most important was leadership is all about People. Going beyond yourself and reaching people ,empowering them, nurturing them and making them good Human Beings. In this process our approach towards Team members should be considering them as whole person. Body,Heart,Mind and Soul together. Character and competency are two important aspects while unleashing talent but character is one step up and more important when question of choosing among equals.

I would like to implement the learning step by step starting from Building Trust among Team to the highest level ,which is foundation of further steps. Key is in listening.

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I need to know my own strengths better, to ensure that I start with a personal vision statement and begin with the end in mind. I took up the Strengths finder test and found the top 5 strengths I had. I will now try to revise my vision statement based on these. A win — win need not be of equal magnitude. Having a ready reply or a solution is not the point of listening to someone. First time I heard about this program sometime in year , and since then, I was frequently looking for opportunities to grab the material on this topic… here and there, on net, through books I am glad to say that, attending the program has helped me with a great impact to start with this change I was looking for.

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Coveys for whatever they have built for the man-kind through this program. My organization …for nominating me to this program.