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I slip into bad habits easily, without noticing, and my worldview suffers for it. I know exactly which good practices will fuel me and make me wake up to the world around me. You get to travel and meet new people. But there are aspects of it that feel a little corrosive. Too much focus on the self, on presentation, on sales numbers, on whether or not your work matters. But Less is also a story about shame. You never really did. Shame creates imaginary worlds inside your head. No one else can see it, so you keep trying to describe it to them. Do yourself a favor and leave me behind.

But my mistakes and experiences and choices brought me to this moment.

Healing from Identity Loss After Narcissistic Abuse

When I drag them into the light, I feel better. This is where I can begin. Today, I have countless chances to reinvent and rework and reorder myself and my experience. You do, too. I can figure out some way to make one true connection, to do one hard thing, to savor one moment. So can you. You feel like you have very little time left.

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But your concept of yourself makes no sense. You got it from a rom-com. Age 35 is not an expiration date on your beauty or your worth. If you want to build a life with a partner, and have a more satisfying career, and maybe have children, you need to treat yourself like a treasured child starting today.

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If you had a daughter who was 35 years old and felt like all of her traveling and moving was a giant mistake that embodied everything BAD and shortsighted about her, what would you tell her? Learn to treat yourself the way a loving older parent would. Tell yourself: This reckoning serves a purpose. Your traveling served a purpose. Your moving served a purpose.

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This is part of survival. Your shame is forming your despair into a merciless story about your worth. Build something else from your shame instead. What will you build? Only you know that. What is shame worth? My shame is enormous: I keep seeing that lately. It keeps me online, interacting with ghosts, making meaning out of my pointless little broadcasts and pronouncements. It keeps me scanning the horizons for improvements. You need to hide the scary things you carry around.

But nothing needs fixing, actually. I need to come back to reality and live there instead. Living in reality means becoming a scientist of shame. I can look at my shame, consider it, lament it, celebrate it, treasure it — how it changes the atmospheric pressure, how it makes it possible for me to reach out, to other people, in the hopes of making some connection, how it opens my eyes to the beautiful little awkward minutes of this day. My shame is the fuel that keeps me writing.

My shame is the fuel that makes me exercise. My shame gives me a lens for understanding my husband and my kids. My shame makes my work possible. My shame — when I invite it in and forgive it — builds my empathy for others. Treat yourself well and look closely at your shame. Are you supposed to stay in a job you hate as punishment for your debts?

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What if you ate baked potatoes and beans and rice for a full year and tried out some new career paths? What if you reached out to other people, and friends, and family, and let your shame into the room with you? What if you simply experimented with being who you are, out in the open, even as that feels difficult and awkward and sad?

You would recognize them as kindred spirits. You might notice how your shame matches theirs, and fuels all of you.

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You are 95 years old, looking back at your year-old self, and this is what you see: a young woman, so young, so disappointed, even though everything is about to get really good. She is blindfolded, sitting on a mountain of glittering gems. She is beautiful, but she feels ugly. She has a rich imagination and a colorful past, but she feels poor. She thinks she deserves to be berated because she has nothing. She has everything she needs.

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Speaking of which, I went to go visit that year-old woman I met on the plane, the one I wrote about a few weeks ago. She had told me her birthday was coming up, so I brought her a birthday card. But it was difficult. It made me feel dumb to show up at her house with a card. I felt embarrassed for some reason.