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At times I probably exasperated him with my desire to keep digging into stories and issues that we had a pretty good handle on. Lyle's level-headedness was great in keeping me grounded. And he's so good at the craft of writing, the nitty-gritty of how to shape a sentence.

We challenged each other, sometimes quite forcefully, but we couched such questioning with "Consider this because. No matter what Steve wrote or I wrote, the copy went back and forth between us many, many times until we were satisfied. Steve lives in the Northwest corner of the country and I live in the Southeast corner, but we were able to email our drafts across this vast distance just as if we lived next door. Well, not exactly. It would have been nice to take some physical copy and be able to discuss it over a cup of coffee, In the early days of our collaboration we floundered a bit on logistics and were aided greatly by Steve's friend, Jennifer McCord, a Seattle-based publishing consultant.

After looking at some preliminary chapters, Jennifer convinced us that we could indeed "speak in one voice," a goal we very much wanted to accomplish.

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April – Society for American Baseball Research, Rogers Hornsby Chapter

She continued to provide guidance and encouragement throughout and we are very grateful to her. Collaborating on a book with someone you see maybe once a year presents some interesting challenges. In addition to the three-hour time difference, we have much different body clocks.

Steve is a night-owl, and I'm an early riser. I believe many days he is going to bed shortly before I am waking up. Although this often caused lag time in our communications, it was not a serious problem. We also have different personalities.

This is not a bad thing. Many tasks got done by Steve's dogged persistence that I'd still be ruminating on. Conversely, I hope that from time to time I served as a calming influence. Moreover, we never had a serious disagreement on any phase of the project. We began as acquaintances and ended as friends, something Jennifer has told us doesn't happen very often. In , the Giants were baseball's flagship franchise. They were the most valuable franchise in the game, and also the most hated.

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Much like the Yankees of today, who, ironically, were in the process of replacing the Giants in both those categories. Hatred for the Giants back then, and to a lesser extent the Yankees, went beyond their success on the field.

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As the country moved from a mostly rural one to a mostly urban one, New York, America's biggest city, was viewed as the devil incarnate in many Midwestern locales. Both teams were accused of using their wealth and influence with their respective leagues and the commissioner to "buy the pennant. Another theme that weaves through the book is gambling.

Baseball was still in the beginning stages of dealing with the Black Sox scandal. Judge Landis had banned several players from the game, including some who had played for McGraw's Giants. Moreover, the Giants were owned by an unsavory character named Charles Stoneham, a glorified bookmaker, who along with his manager had ties to Arnold Rothstein, the nation's most notorious gambler.

Like prohibition, gambling was banned in New York, with about the same amount of successful enforcement. This book is what I call "New York-centric" because the two winning teams were from the big city. But we look at the season as a whole and how the game and its stars fit into American society in In the AL, the story of Tris Speaker's Cleveland Indians and how those defending world champions challenged the Yankees for the pennant until the last week of the season despite a wave of injuries. They were in first place for much of the season.

Then there's the story of Miller Huggins, the little manager of the Yankees. He had few friends in the Yankees' clubhouse and the city's newsrooms. For much of the season, he was facing an insurrection from a number of his players. Another story involves Brooklyn, whose Dodgers known as the Robins back then were the defending NL champions.

They weave in and out of the story, but they are not on center stage of this book. In part that's because they were not in the pennant race for most of the season they would finish fifth and were at the beginning of two decades of lean, losing years. But it's also because of the complicated relationship between Brooklyn and New York City. Finally there's the controversy over Yankee pitcher Carl Mays's World Series performance, one that has been debated in baseball circles for decades.

I think evolved would be the more accurate description. And it did so as the result of three major shifts in our approach. The Yankees visited newly built Pac Bell Park in March for a preseason series marking their first visit to San Francisco in 38 years. June 6, saw the first meeting between the two clubs since the World Series.

Giants–Yankees rivalry

The Giants had come back to play at the old Yankee Stadium. Future home run king Barry Bonds remarked how he wanted to touch something of the Babe's as a respect for the history there. May 28, saw Bonds pass Ruth on the all time home run list as he hit his career number off Colorado Rockies pitcher Byung-hyun Kim who himself has a history with the Yankees giving up two walk off home runs to them in the World Series when he was with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Louis Cardinal slugger Mark McGwire who had done so in Former Yankee hero Dave Righetti was the Giants pitching coach for the series that saw Bonds hit his th home run as he eventually moved towards becoming the all-time home run king. Both of these series had the Yankees managed by Joe Torre , a Brooklyn native who was a Giants fan growing up when they were still in New York. Later that month, Jeter went on to tie Bonds for getting 10 HRs and 10 stolen bases for 15 years straight.

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Alex Rodriguez became the all-time grand slam leader when he hit his career 24th against the Giants on September 20, Two days later, the Yankees honored Mariano Rivera for his career and retired his number. Metal band Metallica played their famous song Enter Sandman as part of the ceremony due to Rivera using it as his entrance song throughout his career. Dave Righetti, who previously held the Yankees all-time saves record prior to Rivera, and other former Yankees on the Giants coaching staff presented Rivera with an electric guitar designed by Metallica with the Yankees logo and Giants logo surrounding Rivera's 42 and signed by Willie Mays.

Prior to the series, long time Yankees legend Andy Pettitte announced he would retire after the season. Pettitte started the game for the Yankees and threw several innings of perfect baseball, but it would not be enough as the Giants would deflate the Yankees festivities of the day by going on to win the game The Yankees most recent championship was a victory during the World Series. This was the team's first and, to date, only championship in their new stadium.

Derek Jeter's initial impact and multiple world championships early on in his career drew comparisons of him to Buster Posey. The most recent series between the Giants and Yankees occurred the weekend of July 22—24, at Yankee Stadium with the Yankees taking the series From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Major League Baseball rivalry. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Polo Grounds Oakland Park St. New York Yankees. The book gives a great feel for the era with quotes from the sports writing of the time and pictures from that era. I've notice criticism of this style of book, just chronicling one season.